“As You Think ” Hey, you …. Life is beautiful And your mind is so powerful. As you think may not right again as you think may not true. You are you in your inner heart. So, it’s the subconscious thinking Of your mind You can win by your thinking So ,love yourself …

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“Realistic dream”

Sometimes you don’t get what you want.Time changes all things.. Our dream is only inspire into our heart..In reality, the life learn us what tough life is! You can go as where you want..But not, you can’t go elsewhere. Because, our society bound us invisible way… It’s reality you are free again not you are…. […]

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Poetry.. 📝

” You gotta go “ Ohh stranger, it’s your will to go I havn’t right to stop your go You come as like morning fog Again you  melt very soon So,it’s time to let you go.. In the strong wind, it seem as you becomes my dream. You are my losting emotion No need to […]

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